1. My daughter is 4 years old and she is very interested in music and sings well. Can you
teach her vocal music?

Ans: The child should be at least 6 years old to enroll in the class.

2.  How are my classes scheduled?

Ans: You will be scheduled one class each week. In a month you will have four classes. If by chance if
there is a fifth week in a month,  the teacher will let go one class of her choice for her personal
appointments.  The fees should be paid monthly in advance by 5th of every month. A late fee of $5 will
be charged for each class if the payment is not received by  the 5th.

If you decide to take a break there is a re-admission fee which is approximately three months fee.  To
avoid this you could continue paying your fees for your classes and join back after a vacation or a

3. If I miss a class, can I reschedule to make up for the missed class?

Ans: Sorry it is not possible to make up a missed class. The students are still required to call the
teacher if they are unable to attend the class. Also, if you are class falls during a Holiday or Long
weekend the classes will not be compensated.

4. Can I sit in the class with my child during the class?

Ans: Parents are not allowed to sit in the class during the class session. However they can schedule a
time with the teacher or call to discuss the progress and goals of their children.
As for adults, they are not allowed to bring their spouse, children, relatives or friends to the class.

5. I have no music background but I am very interested to learn, can I join your school?

Ans: Sure we teach vocal and veena for beginners.

6. How big is the class size?

Ans: We are limiting the class size to a maximum of three students to give individual attention to each

7. When will I be ready to give a concert in front of an audience?

Ans: The teacher will evaluate your skills first. When you have the required skills the teacher will give
additional coaching to prepare you for the concert. The students should be willing to take extra
classes. All rehearsals and practice sessions with the teacher will be treated as a class.

8. Is there a course work outlined by the school? Can we request the teacher to teach
compositions of our choice?

Ans: Yes there is a course work outlined by the school. Occasional requests from students to learn
compositions of their choice can be accommodated. Such requests should be discussed with the
teacher ahead of time. Please note there will be additional fee for such requests. The teacher reserves
the right to deny such requests.

9. Do you issue certificates of completion?

Ans: Yes we issue certificates after the completion of each level of training.

10. Can we record the class sessions?

Ans: Yes you can tape (audio tape only!) the sessions for an additional fee. A fee is charged per year  
to record the class session. This does not include tapes or tape recorder. It is the student's
responsibility to record. This fee is good from January to December of that year. If a student joins in
the middle of the year, say in June, the fee is good only till December of that year. In January the fee
for that year is due. In other words it cannot be prorated. Of course you have the choice not to record
the sessions.