Lalitha Venkataraman
Artistic Director
San Jose, California

Sample Song - Enthenerchina
Registration of
Mrs. Lalitha Venkataraman established Raga Vani School of Music on
October 7, 2000.

The Founder Director Mrs. Lalitha Venkataraman was a staff of Shri
Krupa Dance Foundation of San Jose since July 1993. The music
section of the school was under the expert guidance of Mrs.

Now Raga Vani School of Music will be functioning with the same
dedication and inspiration to the lovers of Classical Carnatic Music.

It has over 75 students at various levels of competency. All the
students are under the direct supervision of Mrs. Venkataraman who
believes in imparting quality music education to her students.

Raga Vani School offers courses in South Indian classical Carnatic
Veena {Instrumental} and Vocal Music.

The students are categorized under three levels of learning:

- Beginner's Level
- Junior or Intermediate level
- Senior or Advanced level

Raga Vani School of Music has formalized Syllabus for the three levels.

The students would be awarded Certificates after successful
completion of each course.
Activities of Raga Vani School
Formal Vocal and Veena training in South Indian Carnatic Music from
ages six years onward.

Preparing students for Solo Concerts, Group songs, Musical ensemble &   

Encouraging and Preparing students to participate in Music festivals  
arranged by musical and religious organizations

Presenting big scale musical productions involving students and local

Inviting local artists and visiting artists to perform as a part of music            
appreciation course                 

Arranging music demonstration lectures on various topics.

Conducting short term Music Courses which includes works of various
south Indian Composers.
Raga Vani School Of Music